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When your customers have a problem, the most important thing is getting it solved, quickly, and professionally. Customers that are helped promptly and effectively remember it, and in most cases, that's the difference between the next sale going to you or your competition. We know this is what keeps you a happy client, and we clearly understand the synergy between the two.

The level of service we provide for our clients is directly related to the quality of agents we hire and the time and effort we invest in their training. We believe in recruiting intelligent, hardworking and professional agents and providing them with comprehensive training. With highly educated and well-trained agents, DesktopStaff is able to meet the high demands of our clients.

DesktopStaff provides Support Services in a variety of areas:

  • "PC Hardware - Tap into a wealth of talented technicians adept at solving your customers PC related problems.
  • "Web Hosting Support - Our Support Engineers have experience working with a wide range of Operating Systems, control panels and the most demanding of customers support requests.
  • "Software - Launching a new application or supporting an existing one, we familiarize ourselves with every facet of your program to offer world class support.
In addition, our Technical Support contributes more to your success by providing input on ways of improving products and services and creating knowledge-based entries, which are helpful in addressing recurring issues.

Telephone Tech Support - Efficient telephone support demands a balanced use of automation and human interaction. DesktopStaff understands the importance of live Support and calls are always answered within the specified timeframe. We provide our trademark support by paying undivided attention to each and every customer and take note of every detail.

Our facilities are equipped with high-speed dedicated VOIP networks. Your customers will see no difference as we integrate seamlessly with your company.

Email Tech Support - Your email requests for support are always serviced within the specified timeframe. Each email is custom tailored to individual requests. Your customers will never receive form letters.

Online Web Support - By integrating online chat we can develop a quick and efficient support system that reduces costs, relieves staff from data entry tasks and serves the customers faster.

DesktopStaff offers the following technical support services, and implements customized solutions based on your needs.

Partial or 24x7 Phone, Email, Web and Fax Support

  • Installation & Registration Support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Feature Function Support ("How To")
  • Network Operations Center Support ("NOC")
  • Application/Software Support

Technology Infrastructure
  • CRM
  • Knowledge Base Management Systems
  • ACD
  • Email Management
  • Web-Chat & Collaboration (co-browsing)

Please view our overview of Customer Care Services & IT Help Desks - Tech Support - Web Hosting Support for related topics.


"Some people succeed because they are destined to. But most people succeed because they are determined to"

-- unknown author

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